Heating cable installation method

Antifreeze and heat preservation of fire pipes, fire hydrants and sprinklers

Antifreeze and heat preservation of fire pipes, fire hydrants and sprinklers?As the anti-freezing and thermal insulation of fire-fighting facilities in areas such as buildings or production, electric heating cables play an important role, which is related to the safety of people's lives and property. Electric heating cables for fire-fighting piping network facilities are generally divided into three use environments: underground, indoor and outdoor. No matter which environment the pipes and equipment are in, normal operation cannot be achieved when the ambient temperature is low in winter. As a result, when a fire occurs, the fire-fighting equipment cannot be started normally, and the best time to fight the fire will be missed. The normal operation of building fire-fighting facilities has also won precious time for the evacuation of personnel and the arrival of firefighters. Therefore, we must ensure that the fire-fighting equipment is in normal operation for a long time to prevent problems before they happen.
Applicable place

    As a heating method for fire-fighting facilities in areas such as buildings or production, electric heating cables are suitable for many places. For example: tunnel fire fighting; residential house fire fighting; airport fire fighting; sports, exhibition hall fire fighting, automobile, train, motor car, subway station fire fighting; large shopping mall fire fighting; office, warehouse, factory fire fighting; cultural relics building fire fighting; high-rise building fire fighting; underground Garage fire-fighting, petroleum, chemical and other indoor and outdoor fire-fighting facilities.

heat trace cable

working principle

    After the heating of the heating cable after the power is turned on, the fire pipes, fire hydrants, sprinklers and equipment are compensated for heat to keep the medium in the pipes above the freezing point temperature (usually tap water, the temperature is controlled at 5 to 10 ℃); According to specific requirements. Adopt temperature control system to realize precise control.

pipe heating cable

Model selection

    The types of heating cables commonly used in fire-fighting equipment are: constant power parallel and series electric heating cables, self-limiting temperature electric heating cables, armored MI electric heating cables (also called heating cables), silicon rubber electric heating cables, and glass fiber heating cables. Tropical etc. It can be selected according to different requirements of the use environment or place. Whether it is a manufacturer or an engineering company, the plan design and model selection will be done before construction, and users do not need to worry about this. Among them, the selection of self-limiting temperature heating cable can reach about 80%.

Self regulating heating cable

Advantages of use

    The heating efficiency of the electric heating cable is high. It can ensure the occurrence of freeze blockage and freeze cracking of fire-fighting pipelines, fire hydrants, sprinklers and related facilities in low-temperature environments,The installation method of heating cables can be referred to here.


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