Heating cable installation method

The main reason for the poor heating effect of electric heating cable system

The main reason for the poor heating effect of electric heating cable system?The following factors are for your reference.

1. The maintenance temperature of the electric heating cable

The maintenance temperature of the heating cable is a very important parameter for calculating the heat loss, so it is necessary to choose a reasonable and suitable electric heating cable product. Because the maintenance temperature is too low, it cannot meet the medium heating demand, and the maintenance temperature is too high, resulting in waste of energy and increasing a lot of additional costs.So the selection is very important. If it is a pipeline antifreeze insulation, you can choose a self-limiting temperature heating cable, if the medium maintains a specific higher temperature, you can choose a constant power heating cable or an MI heating cable.
2. the type of medium
The type of medium (oil, hot water, natural gas, etc.) is different, their specific heat is different, and their calorific value content will also be different.
3. the size of equipment or pipeline
For example: the caliber and diameter of the pipe, the larger the size, the greater the heat loss. Therefore, we need to design different electric heating cable insulation schemes according to different pipe diameters.
4. ambient temperature
The change of ambient temperature also has a greater impact on the heat loss of the medium. The lower the ambient temperature, the greater the heat loss. To be on the safe side, we tend to estimate lower, so the calculated heat loss will be too large, leading to the use of more powerful electric heating cable products. Therefore, it is reasonable to confirm a lower ambient temperature, and wind speed also has an effect on heat loss. The greater the wind speed, the greater the heat loss.
5. Larger load-bearing temperature
Sometimes the process temperature of the equipment or pipeline is not high, but in special circumstances it may attract a higher temperature medium. For example: a crude oil pipeline, the temperature of crude oil is only tens of degrees Celsius under normal conditions, but the pipeline needs to be purged with steam, and the temperature of the steam may reach 200 degrees Celsius. This requires the heat tracing product to reach a maximum load temperature of 200°C, otherwise it may cause damage to the heat tracing product. Therefore, it is not only necessary to consider the requirements of the medium to maintain the temperature, but also to consider the higher temperature resistance requirements.
6. insulation materials
Some people may think that the heating effect is mainly determined by the electric heating cable products, and the influence of the insulation material is not great. This perception is wrong. In fact, thermal insulation materials have a direct effect on the heat tracing effect, just like the effect of clothing on keeping warm. Thermal insulation products of different materials have different thermal conductivity, and their thermal insulation effects are very different. Therefore, after the installation of the electric heating cable system, the installation of insulation materials is an indispensable step.


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