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How to install and use the self-control temperature electric heating cable correctly?

How to install and use the self-control temperature electric heating cable correctly?With the increase in demand for pipe insulation, electric heating systems have been used in various fields of pipe insulation, especially self-controlled temperature electric tracing cables, which are widely used because of their moderate temperature and are gradually recognized by users. , And when more and more users buy the self-controlled temperature electric heating cable, as for the misunderstanding of the installation, the editor reminds that the correct installation of the electric heating system is the key.

self regulating heat tape

It is not uncommon for the self-control temperature electric heating cable to install incorrectly. The short-circuit and non-heating phenomenon caused by improper installation exist. So how to avoid the occurrence of installation errors? The editor is here to popularize how to install the self-controlling electric heating cable correctly. First, check whether the heating cable is damaged when installing the electric heating cable. If it is normal, you can connect it normally.
Please pay attention to the copper core wire, which is the internal metal wire, when wiring the self-control temperature electric heating cable. The wiring must be separated when wiring. The metal wire plays a conductive role. If the metal wires are connected together, a short circuit accident will occur. Therefore, when wiring Be careful. Furthermore, the self-control heating electric heating cable is frequently turned on and off.
Frequent turning on or off of the electric heating cable will increase the power of the self-controlling electric heating cable and cause burnout or damage. The self-controlling electric heating cable is a high-performance electric heating cable designed to automatically control the power and automatically adjust the temperature. The product, the temperature rises when the power rises, and the temperature falls when the power falls. The heating tape will automatically close when it reaches a fixed temperature, and automatically turn on when the temperature drops to the temperature value, so there is no need to open or close frequently during use.
When laying the electric heat trace cable, avoid strong pressure impact, it is easy to damage the material structure in the belt. If the material in the belt has changed, it will not only greatly affect its work efficiency, but also cause disasters.


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