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Pipe Heat Loss Calculations Method

Pipe Heat Loss Calculations Method?For pipeline anti-freezing and insulation, before choosing a suitable heating cable, what needs to be done is the calculation of the pipeline heat loss. So, what are the steps involved in the calculation of pipe heat loss? In general, it includes  Gather information,Calculate temperature differential, Calculate heat loss,Compensate for insulation type,This is the method of calculating the heat loss by the data formula, you can also learn from it,Heat Trace cable Selection and calculation.

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To select the proper heating cable you must first calculate the pipe heat loss, as outlined in the following four steps:
1,Gather the necessary information.
– TM: Maintain temperature
– TA: Minimum expected ambient temperature
– Pipe or tubing size and material
– Thermal insulation type and thickness
2,Calculate the temperature differential between the pipe maintain temperature and 
the minimum ambient temperature.
3,Calculate the pipe heat loss.
4,Adjust the heat loss to compensate for specific insulation type.
Step 1 Gather the necessary information
Example: Gather information
Maintain temperature Water freeze protection at 40°F
Minimum ambient temperature –40°F
Pipe size and material 6-inch diameter, steel
Insulation thickness and type 2-1/2 inch, calcium silicate
Step 2 Calculate temperature differential ΔT
Example: Calculate temperature differential

Input TM
40°F (from Step 1)
Input TA
–40°F (from Step 1)
ΔT = 40°F – (–40°F) = 80°F
ΔT = 80°F
Step 3 Calculate the pipe heat loss
Example: Calculate pipe heat loss
Pipe size = 6 inch (from Step 1)
Insulation thickness = 2-1/2 inch (from Step 1)
ΔT = 80°F (from Step 2)
Pipe heat loss = 3.6 W/ft (from "Table 1")
From "Table 1", QB must be calculated through interpolation. For this example, 80°F is
3/5 of the difference between the ΔT of 50°F and the ΔT of 100°F:
QB = 3.6 W/ft + [3/5 x (7.4 – 3.6)] (7.4 is the ΔT of 100°F; 3.6 is the ΔT of 50°F)
QB = 3.6 + 2.3 = 5.9 W/ft
Pipe heat loss
QB= 5.9 W/ft @ 40°F
Step 4 Compensate for insulation type
Example: Insulation type compensation
Insulation type = calcium silicate (from Step 1)
f = 1.50 for calcium silicate (from "Table 2")
QB = 5.9 W/ft (from Step 3)
QT = 5.9 W/ft x 1.50 = 8.85 W/ft

QT = 8.85 W/ft at 40°F

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