Heating cable installation method

Schematic diagram of common electric heating cable installation methods

Schematic diagram of common electric heating cable installation methodsElectric heating cable installation requires professionals to operate. Whether it can be installed correctly will directly affect the normal operation of the electric heating cable system and the effect of heat tracing. For common installation requirements, we use the installation picture diagram to describe the correct way to install the electric heating cable. The following sets of installation example diagrams are suitable for self-limiting temperature electric heating cable, constant power electric heating cable, heating cable and other related electric cables Thermal products,To understanding Heat Trace cable Selection and calculation.

1,Common pipeline laying method: parallel and straight laying, suitable for anti-freezing and thermal insulation of water pipes of small diameter pipelines

Heat trace cable

2,Common pipeline laying method: winding laying, suitable for medium to maintain high temperature, or large-diameter pipeline antifreeze and heat preservation

pipe heating cable

3,The pipe bracket has a large heat dissipation capacity, so be prepared to wind a few more turns to make up for the heat dissipation capacity of the bracket

Heating cable installation method

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heat tracing cables

anhui tiankang cable

self regulating heat tape

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Self regulating heating cable

The pressure pipe valve has a large amount of heat dissipation, so it needs to be wound

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Schematic diagram of common electric heating cable installation methods


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